>>> Next edition of the Malá inventura Festival will held from 21. 2. 2018 till 28. 2. 2018







>>> Malá Inventura Festival in Czech regions starts

MALÁ INVENTURA - festival of new theatre

21. 9. - 25. 10. 2017 / Jičín / Jihlava / České Budějovice / Opava

The autumn part of the festival of new theater Malá inventura begins on September 21 and will last until 25 October in Jičín, Jihlava, České Budějovice and Opava.

Malá inventura in regions will offer new theater performances, concerts, lecture workshops, discussions, seminars and events in the public space. This year's curatorial selection focused mainly on young artists and projects on the border of movement, music, puppet and documentary theater.

T H E A R E    I S   A L L   A B O U T   L O V E !  

Malá inventura Prague / 22. 2. - 1. 3. 2017 ----> Jičín / 21. 9. - 24. 9. 2017 ----> Jihlava / 29. 9. - 1. 10. 2017 ---> České Budějovice / 13. - 14. 10. 2017 ----> Opava / 22. - 25. 10. 2017 / / / /


>>> Jupíí. Malá inventura was again awarded with EFFE Label.

And with great feedback:: "The festival has a very strong dramaturgy and networking and it is presenting internationally the best performances of the contemporary performing arts. The event is well established and organised."






>>> 1th programme

>>> 28th programme


>>> Disconnected - Farm in the Cave (26. a 27. 2.) was unfortunately canceled due to the health reasons! 

We apologise for the change in the programme. 

>>> 27th programme

>>> 26th programme

>>> 25th programme

>>> 24th programme


>>> 23th programme

>>> 24th programme


>>> 23th programme

>>> 24th programme


>>> 23th programme

>>> 24th programme


>>> 23th programme


>>> 22th programme


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>>> Festival spot



>>> Press Conference for the 15th year of Malá inventura Festival

WHEN AND WHERE: 7. 2. 2017 10:00 / Czech Centre Prague (Rytířská street no. 31)

You are cordially invited!


>>> 15th year of Malá inventura festival in Praze

Time passes so quickly! We have been organising for you an overview of what shouldn't be missed in the field of New theatre for long 15 years. And each time it is a showcase with totally different vibrations! We are in high spirits when following which topics, desires, stirs or worries are presented by the theatres. However, the most thrilling for us are the reactions of the spectators, be them the professionals arriving to choose an item to their programme, the critics or the experts. What all of them have in common is their interest in sharing similar emotions.

To stop for a while, meet with others, regain the energy, sound off, take up with newcomers and new! 

This year, we are coming up with the recapitulation of the most outstanding Festival Venues premieres of the last year, the independent matadorsthe emerging artists, plenty of networking and foreign productions. And let us not forget the festival party - this time in the musical-cabaret spirit!


And that all is Malá inventura! There is no need to add more. And what makes us even more happy is that in autumn we are going to replay this great event in the towns of Jičín, České Budějovice, Opava and newly also in Jihlava

And naturally, with that chicken again!

We are looking forward to You,
Adris Světlíková, on behalf of the festival team