The 22nd edition of Malá Inventura, the festival of new theatre, will take place from 20 to 28 February 2024 in Prague!

We have prepared a SHOWCASE of 30 theatre events to be presented on 18 festival stages. The festival brings back the CHANGING THE PRACTICE, a programme that reflects the perspectives of change in various areas of theatre practice. We also kept in mind that Malá Inventura is above all a centre for vital networking for theatre organisations and professionals, artistic groups, performers, and the wider professional public. Therefore, the ARTS SERVICE & NETWORKING programme section features proven formats that encourage meetings and allow for sharing of ideas and viewpoints, new collaborations, and artists’ guest appearances at other festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Let’s be the seekers of cracks in 2024, the detectives of subliminal layers and hidden resources.

We see cracks spreading in the landscape, in our identities, in the systems deemed resilient. Following lines of these fractures, as they wind through and grow bigger in unexpected places, we attempt to interpret their trajectories to gain insight into the presence and foretell the likely shapes of the future.

A crack may appear threatening, out of control, difficult to handle. It can approach the limit of tolerability, it can threaten to fatally break apart what is precious to us. Yet there are also cracks that can bring a feeling of liberation when challenging our (shared) here and now, a deep breath, and a glimpse of an alternative vision of reality. They can reveal vitality and willingness to belong in fractured worlds, allowing light, new allies, and pure joy to be seen through tiny slits.

An exercise for curious audience:
Let cracks slowly enter your imagination.
Look for a place where cracks appear in time.
Ask yourself: Could it be something else?

Malá Inventura Festival is a retrospective of the most outstanding premieres of the past year in the field of new theatre. It encourages artistic diversity, brings attention to pressing social and artistic issues, and helps shape the map of independent theatre in the Czech Republic.

Malá Inventura Festival is organised by NOVÁ SÍŤ z.s. in collaboration with festival venues, Czech regional partners, and individual projects.

About Nová síť

Nová síť is a service organisation that supports performing arts and open culture. It actively creates opportunities for cooperation between Czech regions, Prague, and with abroad, improves communication between individual stakeholders of cultural life and public administration, and strives for decentralization, development and cultivation of civil society in the Czech Republic. Nová síť fills the gap between state administration, state-founded organisations, and the cultural public.